Ziggy Tamala’s Little Online Break-Stop

Have you experienced one time that you are just sitting in a corner while thinking of the things you have done before? Do you also reminisce about the moments you have reached or missed in your life?


Well for me, these are the irreplaceable treasures and experiences that I would never ever forget. It is like part of my life now and made me the person who I am today. Aside from making memories every now and then, I also make sure I can look at it once more whenever I feel melancholic about my life and my past experiences.


I make sure I take some shots of those memories and experiences if possible. Seeing those unforgettable moments once again in pictures is precious and indescribable. It is like a fresh reminder that I have experience this or that and not just a thought in my mind. That is what I intended to do. That is what I want. That is what I love. Whether it is a happy, sad or silly experience, I’ll make sure to capture it because we only have one life and we should make it last till the end.


With all those pictures, we can see the changes that happened in our life and struggles we have fought in the road. When every precious moment is captured, it struck us. It is not about just taking pictures for the sake of compiling it and put it in a photo album. It is more than that. It is compiling your life from the moment you realize what life offers to you. It is reminiscing and celebrating the milestones that you have achieved. It is a way to learn from your past experiences and apply it to your present. It is an art that you can proudly show to the world. It is the stories in each picture that you could share.


As I have been taking many pictures and memories with me, I realized the joy of doing it. I realize that aside from taking pictures just for the sake of memory keeping, it can also be an art. As I have been looking at all those pictures, I can see the beauty and its wonders.


You can take a picture, and that picture may tell you a story. In time, I have been keeping different pictures with different stories. I intended to take more. Someday, I would love to show the world the beauty and wonders as well as its stories of the pictures I have been taking.


I am not that professional in taking pictures. I am still learning the art of photography. As part of my journey in learning new things, I would definitely make sure I captures the greatest moments in my life. I want to capture every details of a certain scene to show my viewers its story. That’s the things I would love to do. I would want to share with all my friends, family, viewers and to you too my art. Let us take this journey together.


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