Things I Learned About Motion Photography

Do you take pictures all the time or sometimes? Have you ever tried using motion photography in your picture taking hobby? Well, let me tell you this. It is one of the most interesting photography facts these days. It is like loving to eat foods but you want something different and not just the regular one.


Photography is something like that, too. Well for me, I love taking pictures a lot and I am certain to be more attached in my cameras than doing something else. I consider myself as a photography geek too sometimes. We all love taking pictures, right? Well, who doesn’t?


I am fascinated with anything related to photography. Every time I have spare moments, I would take a minute and develop my skills and learn new techniques in taking great photos. One of the things I am really interested as of this moment is the art of motion.


You might have heard about motion photography but do you really know what it really means and how it will help you as a photographer. The most notable technique for motion photography is the blur. You can either blur your subject or its background. It sounds amazing, right? Taking motion photography is very hard. You will have to be quick to be able to capture a certain movement of the subject. Here are the few things I have learned that I will share in order for you to learn motion photography too:


  1. Purchase a fast camera

We are talking about motions here folks. To capture certain motions, you need to have a highly fast digital camera to use. Its burst rate should be fast and its shutter speed should be at least 1/2000 second. There are a lot of cameras these days that you can get to start motion photography pictorials.


  1. Stability

Now this one is really tricky. The previous cameras I’ve used don’t capture long-range motions so I have to get that image stabilization correctly. The previous pictures I’ve captured turns out blurred and a waste of time.


  1. Image Quality

I recommend that you use bigger cameras. Using self-contained camera can sacrifice your image quality. Let me tell you this, the bigger your sensors, the better the results are.


  1. Long Lens

Now we have come to the very interesting part. If you want to capture detailed images such as small objects, you should think about your lenses. Lenses made with the best glass and coatings are one of the reasons that the results of some prominent photographers are nicely done. Acquiring these lenses may be too expensive if you’re still a beginner but in time, this will really help. The first lens I’ve purchased took me months to get but all is worth it.


These are the things I have considered before I started motion photography and I still apply them whenever I am teaching beginner photographers who want to learn motion photography too. Just keep on taking pictures and discover your strength in photography before jumping to another one. That is the very key to developing yourself into a real, passionate photographer. Good luck and keep those cameras flashing, okay!


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