Food Photography Tips That I Learned

Taking pictures of food is now common in social media platforms. I too would love to share to my social media followers the delicious foods that I have tasted. And because I love taking pictures of every unforgettable moments of mine, I took pictures even that of what I ate, the foods.

Like usual photography, capturing foods needed to be well presented. Since foods are an inanimate objects, it will not have any moments that you will be readying to capture for. And that is why, food photography is somewhat tricky and sometimes hard to pull off.

But according to trials and success in capturing foods, it is not that hard at all. All you need to have is your skill as a photographer, a little trick and of course, your food model.


Pick the Freshest Ingredients

The every basic amongst the rest. Of course, you don’t want to show that the foods you are taking pictures of are rotten and are not fresh. You need to show that the foods are fresh and nice to look at.

Lighting is everything

A very basic trick that I have learned in nurturing photography skills. Lighting is everything. The backlight is key to texture and making the food look appetizing looking. Try other lighting angles and you’ll see several dramatic lighting options.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to food photography, usually you will take a picture of all the food groups together. This is not supposed to be the case. Keep it simple. You don’t have to take all into one. Just take out the foods that doesn’t need to be there or the ones distracting enough.

Use simple props including Raw Ingredients

Adding a little plate or spoon into the picture won’t hurt the photo result. Adding a simple prop can make the food inviting. But do choose the props that doesn’t outstand the food. It is better to choose the plain coloured props.

Show a Before and After Shot

This will help people on how you were able to do the food, this is the case if you are showing how to do the cooking of a certain food.

Show It in Cooking

It is sometimes better to show the food in the act of cooking it rather than showing its final result.

Add a Human Element

It will be much more appealing to the viewers if you can also add a human element like a hand stirring on the food or a hand with a spoon ready to eat the food.

Don’t Cook It Completely

When you do take a picture of meats and vegetables, it is better if you do not cook it completely and take your photo. It will just keep cooking after all. This is so that when you do take the pictures, the food will not be looking plump and will still be juicy.

Keep the Plates Clean

Any imperfections with the props may mess up the picture.

Vary Your Camera Angle

Try different angles from your camera and then you’ll see the best angle for that certain food.

Add A Bit of Oil

Adding a bit of oil in the foods can make them look fresher.

Take Shots of Eating Out

My favourite part, where we take a picture of ourselves eating out the foods. How you do your selfie is definitely up to you. Trying different angles and by using the lightning, you’ll definitely pull it off.

With these food photography tips, your food pictures will surely be a masterpiece. Try practicing the skills and you will surely improve. In time, anyone who will be watching your pictures will surely get hungry.