Basic Questions To Know About Aerial Photography

Have you encountered an Aerial Photography? Well for me, the first thing that came up in my mind when I first heard Aerial photography is that you need to travel or take pictures up in the sky like in skydiving.


But as time goes by, I am in fact right in some way like taking the pictures in a plane. But that doesn’t end there. The more you discover Aerial Photography, the more you’ll learn its most advance skills and be able to adapt it and apply in your daily routine.


As I have read some articles about it, I realized that it is truly one of the most important artistic skills in line with photography that is hard to pull off if you don’t know what you are doing. Capturing pictures in any place you like seems to be easy but when doing Aerial Photography, you need to be more precise about it because there are certain moments that you might fail to capture what you really want to photograph.


Because of my eagerness to learn more about it, I found out these basic questions that you should also need to know to enhance your photography skills:


What is the best vehicle to use in an aerial photography session?


So if it is an aerial photography, what should we use to do it aside from our digital cameras? This is the first thing that pops out in my mind the moment I am thinking of trying aerial photography. It is whether I will rent a helicopter or ride in a plane while traveling somewhere and then take some pictures of the clouds. As I keep on researching, I found out that, logically speaking, airplanes are unsafe to operate below 80 mph. It cannot be flown slowly and you will your angles if you have certain subject to shoot. So then I realized, yes it is expensive too but for sure it will be fun taking pictures up in the sky, right? Also I discovered that helicopters are the most preferred vehicle for most aerial photographers to use because you can ride on it and enjoying the view while taking shots in a closer look. You will have complete freedom on what you will do to take your picture. The helicopter can also get you to be close to your subject. Isn’t it exciting? I did not know helicopter riding could be so much fun. Aside from that, they are extremely reliable compare to airplanes when it comes to photo shoots.


When is the best time to shoot for an aerial photography?


Now I know what to ride but I don’t know when or what time to shoot for great pictures. As I have browsed the internet, most aerial photographers capture great moments during mid-day. They say it is the best condition to capture high-definition photos because that’s where the sun is high and clear. The sun’s angle will produce shadows that enable viewers to understand the shapes of the hills and structures in a photo. Good thing I love sunny time and it is the perfect moment to be out there and take pictures while enjoying the day.


Do I need to use a film or go digital?


We do know that everyone uses digital cameras these days, right? I also have digital camera and I love taking pictures using it. But sometimes, filmed cameras are as good as digital cameras too. But when you do aerial photography, digital cameras are the most advantageous gadget in capturing aerial photos. Well, aside from its great features, you can take photos as many as you want. You can fill up the memory card and sort through the results on the ground. For a professional-style digital camera, you can set the file format to “RAW” so that you can fine-tune the exposure on your computer. Don’t get me wrong but I do love film cameras too but when I do want to take aerial photos, I would definitely use digital cameras.


Well everyone I hope you have learned from the above things I have shared with you. In order for us to learn thoroughly about Aerial Photography, we should start from the beginning and apply the basic skills first. Keep those cameras up, take a lot of pictures to enhance your skills and learn angles in taking pictures. Good luck!

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