Ziggy Tamala Here!

I have a silly name, I know. But you know what, that’s alright! People also call me a geek. But I consider myself a photography geek.

Sure it sounds silly, but geeks are also known as hobbyists. And I’m proud to say that as a hobbyist, I’m quite good at what I do.

Photography is my life

Gone are the days people thought cameras stole souls (I think that was in the 1890s or something). Now, images steal the souls of digital memories in our smartphones, digital cameras, DSLRs and other photo and video capturing equipment. And you know what? It feels real great!

In here, I share with you my happiness

Feel free to look at my galleries and some tips I have for people starting out with this wonderful hobby . I also have some tips for people who want to improve. I’m no expert but I love finding and helping people who share the same passion as I do!

Welcome. And Enjoy Your Stay!