Welcome to my blog where I write about all things related to photography.

I have been a photography enthusiast for more than ten years before taking on the camera and trying myself in this industry.

I became a professional photographer last year, and that allowed me to make money by doing something I love. However, that also showed me how little other people know about a subject I love.

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How To Make A Clean Shoot With Camera During Heavy Raining?

Taking a photo during the heavy raining can be very demanding for several things: you need to find a good angle, a good spot, a good moment to take a photo as drops drop down every second and then you need to have a good shelter unless you have a waterproof camera. In case you do not have a waterproof device, you might use a piece of protective gear that is water repellent. Whether you use like Snickers Flexi Workwear to store your camera inside the pocket or you use a special waterproof bag, specially made for photo enthusiasts.

How to Present Your Photos a Professional Way
If you are thinking about canvas, try visiting to understand better the whole thing about the canvas. This article was specially designed to help people find a professional way to present their photos.
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Tips for Decorating Your Home
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The Vast World Of Professional Photography
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6 Photography Techniques You Should Make Use Of
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5 Simple Tips in Capturing perfect photos
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4 Tips for Indoor Photography
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How to Capture Photographs Featuring Windows
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Food Photography Tips That I Learned
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Things I Learned About Motion Photography
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Basic Questions To Know About Aerial Photography
Have you encountered an Aerial Photography? Well for me, the first thing that came up in my mind when I[...]


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